Construction Accident

Experiencing an accident at a construction site can be devastating. Even if you take all the proper precautions to be safe, injuries can still occur. The construction industry holds the top spot for most annual worker deaths. Slips and falls are the most common cause of construction worker fatalities followed by transportation incidents, exposure to harmful substances and contact with objects or equipment.

If you were recently injured on the job site, the experienced construction accident lawyers in NY from New York Car Crashes are here to help. We will guide you through this path as we examine your case, review all related medical records and understand how this accident has changed your life. You didn’t ask for this injury. You didn’t ask to have your life changed. You deserve to be compensated.

Common Types of New York Construction Accidents

By nature, construction sites are dangerous. Between heavy equipment, frequent slips and falls, exposure to dangerous substances like asbestos and trench collapses, there are constant dangers lurking around every corner. To reduce the risk of these unfortunate accidents, construction supervisors must follow the proper safety protocols. Construction workers are also responsible for their safety and must follow precautions such as wearing the right equipment.

Sadly, construction accidents frequently occur, even when the proper precautions are taken. Here are the most common types of incidents our construction accident lawyers see.

  • Crane accidents
  • Scaffolding falls
  • Ladder falls
  • Electric shocks
  • Chemical spills
  • Explosions
  • Burns
  • Falling debris
  • Trench collapses

In many instances, these types of injuries are not minor. They can lead to broken bones, lost limbs and traumatic brain injuries. Our personal injury attorneys have worked with many clients that have suffered injuries of this sort. We know how to be aggressive and fight for what you deserve.

How Our Construction Accident Attorneys NY Can Help

Construction accident litigation can be particularly challenging. Often, there is more than one person that can be held liable for your accident. Construction sites are busy places with lots of moving parts and people. It’s possible that the equipment you were working on could be traced back to issues with the manufacturer. This is why working with New York construction accident attorneys is crucial. You need someone who understands New York laws and how they will affect your case.

You may be entitled to workers’ compensation to cover the costs of medical bills. If your case does not qualify for workers’ comp, you may be able to file a personal injury claim for the person who was responsible. With personal injury cases, you can potentially receive a large settlement that covers the cost of your medical bills, money that you haven’t been able to earn due to the injury and pain and suffering.

Call Our Personal Injury Attorneys Before Signing a Settlement

We can’t stress enough the importance of not signing a settlement until you have talked to a lawyer. Once you sign an agreement, you’re usually waiving your rights to future compensation. It’s common to be pressured by the insurance companies, but they are doing what’s best for them.

Take the appropriate steps to speak with a New York personal injury lawyer to learn about your options. If you think you have a strong case, keep track of all medical records, photos of the accident, days missed from work and other evidence supporting your claim. Call New York Car Crashes to schedule a consultation.

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