Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation cases require the experience and expertise of workers’ comp lawyers in NY. Not only are these types of cases technical, but also personal injury or wrongful death claims are common. To ensure that all claims are given the proper attention, each workers’ comp case must be carefully evaluated.

For your convenience, New York Car Crashes handles both personal injury and workers compensation cases. This simplifies the litigation process and also prevents you from having to work with two different lawyers. Speaking to one of our attorneys sooner than later is in your best interests. It gives us time to review your case, gather the appropriate evidence and move in the right direction.

When to Contact a Workers’ Comp Attorney in NY

Like other types of cases, it’s important to contact a workers’ comp lawyer in NY as soon as possible. These claims typically take longer than people expect them to. Our personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, so you don’t need money to start the process.

Here are some of the reasons to retain a lawyer from New York Car Crashes immediately.

  • Your workplace injuries are moderate to severe
  • Surgery is required to repair the injury
  • Your injuries prevent you from working on a regular basis
  • You feel that you can return to work in a different field, but not your current one
  • You already suffer from pre-existing disabilities
  • Medical benefits are denied

You can also work with a New York workers’ compensation attorney if you need honest, accurate legal advice. For example, do you understand the workers’ comp process or would you be more comfortable having someone explain it to you? Are you concerned that you’re not receiving the correct benefits? Perhaps you want to dispute a decision made by your employer. The only way to know for certain that you are getting the maximum benefits is by working with an experienced personal injury attorney.

Know Your Options Before Signing a Settlement

The specifics of your workers’ comp case are unique, but you are encouraged to have an attorney regardless of how the injury occurred. A lawyer will advocate on your behalf. How has your life been impacted since the injury? What type of work are you limited to?

At New York Car Crashes, we make sure that you get the benefits you deserve. It’s only fair that you receive financial assistance to pay for your medical care. Also, workers’ compensation benefits are owed to you as an employee of the company. We may not be able to change the fact that you were injured on the job, but we can certainly make sure that you receive the correct compensation benefits.

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Most on-the-job injuries can benefit from some legal advice. If you feel that you are not fully healed, or you simply aren’t comfortable signing an agreement, contact one of our lawyers. Once you sign a settlement with the workers’ comp insurance company, you typically waive your rights to future compensation. Get the facts before making a decision. With a free consultation, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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